Speaking and Workshops

Upcoming speaking engagements and workshops for Alex include:

August 2013

  • Speaker, 26th August 2013, HR Metrics Summit, Melbourne Australia – “The New HR: Where Data meets Intuition”
  • Speaker, 27th-28th August 2013, Contingent : The Flexible Workforce, Sydney Australia – “State of the Global Contingent Workforce”, incorporating findings from The Conference Board.

September 2013

What is the Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclass?

In partnership with HCMS, I am running 2-day Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclasses in a range of cities across Australia and New Zealand.  Organisations are reporting that they see the link between Strategic Workforce Planning and profitability; yet at the same time reporting that they don’t know how to start a Strategic Workforce Planning program in their own organisation. This course equips participants with the framework and tools to begin a best practice Strategic Workforce Planning initiative in their organisation.

Here are some of the things previous participants have said about the course:

  • “Very useful workshop with a knowledgeable and patient presenter.  Right balance of theory and case studies / examples”
  • “Progressive”
  • “A relaxed, social environment that made participation and involvement easy”
  • “A thought provoking and clarifying call to action”
  • “Practical, experience-based learning about a comprehensive model for conducting workforce planning”
  • “A fascinating introduction to the world of Strategic Workforce Planning”
  • “The masterclass provided a structured methodology & demonstrated how this could be used through case study; and was extremely insightful”

For more information, please visit here or contact me.

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