Australasian Talent Conference

Australasian Talent Conference

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be speaking at the Australasian Talent Conference from May 28th – 30th in Sydney.  The theme of the the conference is “Agile Talent Management”, and I’ll be running a 3-hour workshop on Agile Workforce Analytics, focusing on how organisations can uncover actionable insights into workforce challenges and opportunities.

Organisations are constantly looking to improve business performance, and doing more with less is critical. Agile workforce analytics enables HR to strategically lead the business in this improvement process. Participants in the Agile Analytics workshop will learn how to uncover actionable insights from the data they have about their workforce today; the ways in which statistics mislead us; and discuss the impact of Big Data on the future of talent management.

More information can be found about the conference here, and other places I’m speaking here.


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