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What is Strategic Workforce Planning?

Strategic Workforce Planning is all about aligning an organisation’s future workforce to its’ business strategy.  Every organization is heading towards a future determined by its current trends and practices, as well as factors outside the organisation –  An aging population, education trends, and the changing nature of employee / employer relationships mean that this path will often not be the one that leads the organization to future success.  Many organizations sense this, but do not have a framework or tools to understand and analyse it – let alone to make the changes necessary to alter that future.  That framework, and those tools, are Strategic Workforce Planning.  Best practice Strategic Workforce Planning has potential to increase profit margins by 50% (Boston Consulting Group), and is a key performance driver for successful organizations (Project Management Institute)

About Alex

Alex Hagan is a Strategic Workforce Planning & Analytics Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer based in Melbourne, Australia.  Since 2008, Alex has worked with some of the world’s most respected organisations on Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics.

Alex has worked with 3 of Fortune Magazine’s Best Companies To Work for (2013), 9 of the Fortune Global 500 Companies, Government Agencies, and industry bodies for Energy and Mining Industries, on planning for their best possible future workforce.

Previously the Product Manager and Strategic Advisor at Aruspex, Alex is the founder and CEO of Kienco, a boutique management consultancy working with clients around the world on Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics. Alex’s approach to strategic planning draws together his experience and interest in econometrics, data analysis, social psychology, and strategy.

About Kienco

Simply put, Kienco‘s purpose is to help organisations align their workforce to strategy.  We utilise proven tools and frameworks that have been adopted by, and refined at, some of the world’s leading organisations.

A Kienco solution is more than just a consulting engagement – it’s an holistic approach to preparing your organisation for its best possible future workforce incorporating client networks, research, software and tools, and training.

Our work currently impacts over 16,000 client employees in 10 countries across the construction, infrastructure, energy, financial, and law enforcement sectors.


If you have any questions you’d like answered on this blog, topics you’d like covered, or if you’d like to talk about how Alex can help your organisation plan for its’ best future workforce, please connect on LinkedInon twitter, on Google+, or fill in the form below:

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