Workforce Planning in New Zealand

I’m very grateful that I’m able to do the kind of work that I do. I get to work with organisations that I respect, travel to beautiful places, and do work that truly engages me.  A couple of weeks ago I got the trifecta – working in Wellington, New Zealand, in collaboration with HCMS, and helping some fantastic private and public sector organisations to build internal capability in Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics.

I also found a great place to hide from Nazgul, had an encounter with Gollum, and enjoyed the beautiful views from the top of Mount Victoria. Continue reading


Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclasses – Perth and Wellington

In partnership with HCMS, I’ll be running 2-day Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclasses in Perth and Wellington in May.

Organisations are reporting that they see the link between Strategic Workforce Planning and profitability; yet at the same time reporting that they don’t know how to start a Strategic Workforce Planning program in their own organisation. This course equips participants with the framework and tools to begin a best practice Strategic Workforce Planning initiative in their organisation.

Please follow these links for more information, bookings for Perth on Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th May 2013, or for Wellington on Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st May 2013.

You can also see a list of my other speaking engagements and workshops here.

Please comment if you’d be interested in a Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclass in your city!