Inattentional Bias and Environment Scanning

Even highly skilled and intelligent leaders aren’t good at detecting changes in their environment that might affect strategy. When you are focusing on all of the moving parts of your business, you can be blinded to these important changes.  In psychology, this is known as inattentional bias, which typically happens because we are all overloaded with stimuli, and it is impossible to pay attention to everything in one’s environment.

To be adaptive to change, you need to be attuned to these signals.  Not only that, you need to be able to determine which of those are transient and which are permanent; which of them are opportunities and which of them are threats. Continue reading


Microsoft’s self-sketching whiteboard prototype looks amazing

I love whiteboards. In fact, my mentor once compared me (ok, frequently compares me) to this guy:

Dilbert Comic - Whiteboard Guy

Dilbert Comic – Whiteboard Guy

…so I was pretty excited today when the Market Measures Australia blog drew my attention to an article by BBC News about the new whiteboards that Microsoft are developing that can interpret and complete your sketches. Imagine being able to roughly draw a chart, in a meeting, and have the whiteboard interpret your sketch, scale it, apply colour, and then allow you to print it out. Incredible – now to find the pre-order form…